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A few months ago my social media accounts got a few hits from this very very brand new company called UFOEar. Eventually, these "aliens" established contact, and I got to speak with their representative David who offered to send me some samples for me to give my thoughts on. After a bit of a wait with the shipping and some clarification with David about the bundled Bluetooth cable not being included(so if you wanted to know about that aspect I, unfortunately, can't help there) I got to queue it up and now we're here. 

Opening up my package I got an experience that was becoming increasingly common of late, it is rarer and rarer to actually have a bad unboxing experience. The bundled accessories, however, did offer a unique look and purpose so something like that and fitting with the theme was a welcome change from the usual fare. Plugging it in with my players for a quick listen on a few of the songs I had on my casual listening rotation did reveal that at least at this point that the 112, which sports an increasingly prevalent 1DD 2BA hybrid configuration, is a promising performer. It seems not to deviate from the typical presentation of a hybrid, leveraging what seems to be powerful low end while not neglecting clarity and treble, I'll dissect the signature more in the full review, but the early returns are positive in case someone wants to go ahead and buy semi-blind.

As for the rest of the IEM, the shell is said to 3D printed is feels very well built with the design print inset in the actual shell as opposed to just printed on so there shouldn't be concerns of fading. The aesthetics, on the other hand, aren't my personal cup of tea, everything else about the build however seems ok, nothing jumping out as either good or bad. something else I will give a better examination of in the full write up. 

Thanks again to David of UFOEar for providing the 112 and here are a few more photos.

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