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I had a quick chat with Steve Tong, lead designer and brand representative of Kinera to know a little bit more about the brand and maybe give us a quick glimpse at things to expect from them in the near future.

Thank you for taking the time in conducting this interview
Tell us about Kinera, how did it start? What was the road like from the origins to now?
We started from working as an OEM factory specializing in DDs, and a few years after we started Kinera, the brand. Well, branding is a much harder stuff than working as a factory, because there are various of situation that we might have to run into.
Kinera seems to be known for always having good aesthetics, what inspired Kinera in the designs it uses with their products?
I personally came from a fashion design background and I joined Kinera in the middle of the H3 project. I always find inspiration in Lifestyle, Fashion, and interaction with people around.  You know a product is a product.  You can’t really avoid how people think about the look of it as it’s the first impression before you are using it. Our company gives us some much freedom to work what we believe and trust us on our aesthetic vision., So from packaging to the earphone, I always think of how to enhance the brand image itself and then to the artistic part. 

The Odin that is coming out seems like a big jump from the rest of your products, what should potential buyers expect from it?
Treat it as a concept car when you see it in car shows.  The ODIN is kind of like the light of our direction of what we will be doing soon.

What is Kinera’s core philosophy when it comes to designing and creating products?
Value and interaction. We always enjoy talking to customers, by doing so, we can read how people think of us and that’s very important to listen to the feedbacks.  So, every time we launch a new project, we talked and talked.  Internally or externally with customers and our marketing team as well as the design part, we gathered information, trends, and our own design vision, and we finalize something that we are happy with. 
Does Kinera have any upcoming plans for any new products in the future? If yes, any hints or clues as to what those projects might be?
The only hint is to look forward to something aside from IEMs

Anything else you’d like to add?
Some people might think we are leaning towards the design part more than the sound.  It’s actually not the case.  We are trying to make a balance of sound from what the trend is and our own style of sound.  So, we need you guys to give us more feedbacks on the sound part to make us improve. 
Anything else you’d like to let the readers know?
For those who are interested in our brand and product, just come to me and talk, we'd always love to listen, and I believe that’s the most effective way of knowing what you guys want. :)

Thanks for the interview and have a wonderful day!

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